ABX Logistics Inc. PAPS Tracker

Please Enter ABX Logistics Inc. PAPS Tracker Number in online PAPS Verifier (Located Below) to Check your Real time shipment delivery status information. It’s Very Fast and Quick.

PAPS (Pre-Arrival Processing System) is a U.S. Shipment Type for shipments to clear through CBP (U.S. Customs and Border Protection). ABX Logistics Inc. PAPS Number must begin with the carrier’s SCAC, and be followed by at least 4 characters (letters or numbers.)

ABX Logistics Inc. Customer Care :-

If you have any problem or Need help with Pre Arrival Notification, Customs Clearance Cover Sheet, Please Contact ABX Logistics Inc. Customer Service by below details :-

ABX Logistics Inc. (Dorval, QC)
100 – 1985 – 55th Avenue
Dorval, QC – H9P 1G9
Phone Number: 514.633.1211
FAX Number: 514.633.1229
Email ID:
Port: Dorval

ABX Logistics Inc. (Mississauga, ON)
191 Superior Boulevard
Mississauga, ON – L5T 2L6
Phone Number: 905.678.1900
FAX Number: 905.612.8385
Email ID:
Port: Toronto