Parkwood & Cavanaugh Ltd. PAPS Tracker

Please Enter Parkwood & Cavanaugh Ltd. PAPS Tracker Number in online PAPS Verifier (Located Below) to Check your Real time shipment delivery status information. It’s Very Fast and Quick.

PAPS (Pre-Arrival Processing System) is a U.S. Shipment Type for shipments to clear through CBP (U.S. Customs and Border Protection). Parkwood & Cavanaugh Ltd. PAPS Number must begin with the carrier’s SCAC, and be followed by at least 4 characters (letters or numbers.)

Parkwood & Cavanaugh Ltd. Customer Care :-

If you have any problem or Need help with Pre Arrival Notification, Customs Clearance Cover Sheet, Please Contact Parkwood & Cavanaugh Ltd. Customer Service by below details :-

Parkwood & Cavanaugh Ltd. (Mississauga, ON)
Cargo Bldg B, Suite 104A, PO Box 142
Mississauga, ON – L5P 1A2
Phone Number: (905) 612-0761
FAX Number: (905) 612-0805
Email ID:
Port: Toronto